The 12 Best Real Estate Podcasts to Listen To

The 12 Best Real Estate Podcasts to Listen To: Podcasts are a terrific resource if you’re searching for a method to learn more about real estate, whether it’s investing, home improvement, or housing news. The top podcasts for investing and personal finance have been ranked by U.S. News, and many of them occasionally discuss real estate and homeownership-related issues.

The 12 Best Real Estate Podcasts to Listen To

While podcast preference is subjective, we’ve compiled a list of 10 real estate podcasts that cover the gamut of housing and property topics and can help you learn more about the industry or simply fill the silence on a drive. All podcasts listed are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and other availability is listed on each podcast’s website.

Here are 12 real estate podcasts to listen to:

  • “Real Estate Today”
  • “House Party”
  • “REconomy”
  • “How to Buy a Home”
  • “There Goes the Neighborhood”
  • “99% Invisible”
  • “BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast”
  • “Design Time”
  • “Black Real Estate Dialogue”
  • “RentPrep for Landlords”
  • “America’s Commercial Real Estate Show”
  • “The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast”

“Real Estate Today”

Best for general real estate news and advice.

Hosts: Stephen Gasque, Melissa Dittman Tracey, Bill Thompson

Created by the National Association of Realtors, the weekly “Real Estate Today” podcast runs like a standard news radio show, with segments and short interviews with industry experts. The hosts discuss timely news affecting the national real estate market and also cover trending topics, like smart home technology, buying a second home and advice for first-time buyers and sellers. Gasque is the manager of broadcasting and audio communications for NAR, while Tracey is editor of the “Hot or Not?” segment of the show and is a contributing editor for Realtor Magazine. Thompson serves as news anchor for the podcast and is a radio host in Washington, D.C.

“House Party”

Best for pop culture-related real estate news.

Hosts: Natalie Way, Rachel Stults

If you like the idea of learning about real estate through the purchases, sales and mistakes of celebrities, “House Party” is the perfect option for you. This podcast from recaps real estate and home improvement TV shows and discusses housing market trends and celebrity home transactions. Hosts Stults and Way are editors for and share their own experiences with home disasters, moving across the country and more, and are occasionally joined by fellow writers or industry experts. You’ll find plenty of real estate insights in entertaining, funny packaging.


Best for learning about housing and affordability.

Hosts: Mark Fleming and Odeta Kushi

“REconomy” is directed at consumers who are looking to understand more about homeownership, and particularly how the ability to afford a home is impacted by the larger housing market and overall economy. If you’d like to learn more about how mortgage interest rates affect homebuying ability, how rates change and how economists make predictions about the housing market, this is a great place to start. The podcast is produced by title insurance company First American, which also provides mortgage-related services, and hosts Fleming and Kushi are the company’s chief economist and deputy chief economist, respectively. The podcast puts out episodes every other Thursday, and episodes are roughly 15 minutes each – a perfect option for learning more about how the housing market and mortgage industry work in bite-size pieces.

“How to Buy a Home”

Best podcast for homebuyers.

Host: David Sidoni

This podcast breaks down every aspect of buying a home, from the basics to how current economic conditions impact the market. Longtime California real estate agent Sidoni provides frank, honest advice ideal for first-time homebuyers, but useful for second- or third-time buyers looking to improve the experience. A recent series within the podcast broke down real estate terms homebuyers should know, going from A to Z. In other episodes, Sidoni provides tips for making an offer on a home, interviews homebuyers and discusses options for homebuyers who also have student loans.

“There Goes the Neighborhood”

Best for housing public policy issues.

Host: Kai Wright

This limited-series podcast was produced between 2016 and 2019 to dive deep into the ways gentrification affects different individuals, businesses and neighborhoods in a few cities throughout the U.S. The first season looks closely at New York City, followed by Los Angeles and Miami in subsequent seasons, and interviews people on all sides of the contentious topic of gentrification. New York Public Radio co-produced each season with public radio stations in each subject city, and the stories are guided by host Wright, a writer, editor and host of current WNYC podcast “Notes From America With Kai Wright.”

“99% Invisible”

Best for architecture and design.

Host: Roman Mars

A popular podcast for design fans and general audiences since 2010, “99% Invisible” brings focus to the otherwise unnoticed architecture and design aspects of the world around us. Mars, a radio producer and founder of the podcast, taps experts around the world to provide their perspectives regarding the minutiae that makes a place work. While not all episodes are strictly dedicated to architecture or buildings, they tend to fall under a few different categories: architecture, infrastructure, cities, objects, sounds, visuals, technology and history. You can also find episodes that explore housing history and issues, ranging from the houses sold in Sears Roebuck catalogs in the early 20th century to homelessness.

“Design Time”

Best for interior design inspiration.

Host: Julie Vadnal

The “Design Time” podcast from American home design magazine Domino delves into interior design, but also dips into the different parts of design, real estate and other things that lend to interior design in different ways. The most recent season of the podcast with host Vadnal, deputy editor of Domino, focuses on “the rebels,” and offers insights into finding a more unique and personal approach to interior design and more. Guests range from Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky to actors Seth Rogan and Courtney Cox.

“BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast”

Best for interviews with experts.

Hosts: David Greene, Rob Abasolo

Geared toward real estate investors and professionals, this podcast offers insight into real estate professionals’ successes. Hosts Greene. a real estate investor, and Abasolo, a tiny home builder and Airbnb host, speak with investors who discuss niche investment options and basic advice for getting started. With more than 700 episodes, there’s plenty of material to binge from the beginning or browse the archives for topics that interest you. New episodes come out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

“Black Real Estate Dialogue”

Best for learning about real estate investing for beginners.

Host: Sam Dolcine

On this podcast, Dolcine, a self-described up-and-coming real estate investor, shares his experiences with his first rental properties and interviews industry experts who discuss growing a brand, buying investment property and long-distance property management, among other topics. Dolcine taps the expertise of Black investors and highlights the underrepresented group in both real estate investing and homeownership. Dolcine notes in the podcast that his goal is to show that anyone can be a real estate investor and aims to provide some of the tools and resources to help others succeed.

“RentPrep for Landlords”

Best for information and advice on the rental industry.

Host: Andrew Schultz

This weekly podcast from tenant screening services company RentPrep offers relevant news and advice, aimed at landlords and property managers. Audience questions from landlords are answered throughout each episode, addressing questions of what landlords should do or are legally obligated to do when it comes to issues like pest problems, entering a property and more. For this reason, the RentPrep podcast can also be a valuable source for tenants who are trying to maintain a good relationship with their landlord while also being aware of their rights.

“America’s Commercial Real Estate Show”

Best for commercial real estate information.

Host: Michael Bull

Whether you’re a commercial real estate broker, a commercial real estate investor or you simply want to know more about the future of office, industrial, retail and multifamily property, consider this podcast a go-to resource. Economists and analysts are regularly featured on the show in addition to brokers and business leaders that contribute to the industry, and host Bull is a commercial real estate advisor and founder of Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage Bull Realty Inc. Previous guests include experts from the Federal Reserve, Deloitte, commercial real estate associations and more.

“The Money Pit Podcast”

Best for home maintenance tips.

Hosts: Tom Kraeutler, Leslie Segrete

This twice-weekly podcast can help you become a home maintenance and do-it-yourself guru. While the hosts discuss renovations and design in certain episodes, much of the focus is on maintenance and repair. Kraeutler has a background in home inspection, and Segrete in design and carpentry. During episodes, they chat on the phone with listeners seeking advice on specific home maintenance issues, which cover everything from cracks in the ceiling to water heater care, fixing holiday lights and storage solutions in small spaces.